About HotChalk Education Network

The HotChalk Education Network is the nation’s leading free online resource providing information about college and career readiness initiatives for K-12 teachers and administrators, parents, and students.
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About the HotChalk Education Network

Our Network is a community of websites dedicated to helping educators develop college and career readiness resources, and informing parents and community members about how they can contribute. We pull together the best of the best, and provide a wide variety of information resources dedicated to educational initiatives, implementation, best practices, news and opinion.

Powering Online Education

Our educational and academic resources are just part of the largest global Internet-based education audience in the world. We’ve spent more than 10 years building up this audience and this network. Our insights into how the Internet is redefining education help us more effectively deliver the innovative technology and turnkey services that help educators teach, students learn, and parents participate. By providing free education content online – focused on but not limited to college and career readiness – we’re alleviating financial pressures unnecessarily placed on publishers, students, parents and teachers. The extensive, carefully selected content provided on our publisher network supports every phase of education, from preschool through grade 12 – and even postsecondary and postgraduate topics.

Empowering the Publishers

The HotChalk Education Network is committed to supporting publishers that provide free educational content for teachers, parents and students. We believe providing free education content online eases financial pressures for teachers, parents and students, and helps create a better-educated world for everyone. The extensive content provided on our network supports educational needs for every phase of education, from preschool through postgraduate studies. Many of the publishers in our network are current or former teachers whose online resources fill education needs within their communities and schools. Being part of the Education Network solves traditional distribution issues, giving our publishers the ability to create additional educational content and resources, and improving educational outcomes everywhere.
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