Fifth-Grade English Language Arts (ELA) Standards

fifth-grade-languageDuring the year, your child will read from a mix of literature and informational texts and learn to develop ideas and support them with evidence. Here’s a sample of fifth-grade standards for fifth-grade English language arts, along with questions to ask your son or daughter’s teacher and ways you can reinforce learning at home.

Reading Literature and Informational Text

  • Read increasingly challenging stories, poems, plays and nonfiction from multiple cultures.
  • Use strategies, including context clues, Latin and Greek roots, or a dictionary, to figure out unfamiliar words.
  • Identify the theme(s) and important details of both fiction and informational writing and use these to summarize the text.
  • Use examples from a text to explain its content; draw inferences as well.


  • Write factual or invented stories that describe the action with descriptive details, dialogue and appropriate pacing.
  • Rewrite, edit and revise written work to strengthen arguments, clarify meaning and improve word choice.
  • Be able to type two pages at a time with reasonable accuracy and speed.
  • Author opinion or research papers over an extended time period that include solid reasoning and facts and evidence to support a viewpoint.

Speaking and Listening

  • Participate in class discussions, listening carefully to others, stating accurate ideas and asking questions.
  • Use clear speech and multimedia tools to give a well-organized, coherent class presentation about a topic or opinion.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of standard English conventions when speaking and writing, including verb tenses, prepositions and correlative conjunctions.
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