Fourth-Grade Mathematics Standards

fourth-grade-mathAs your son or daughter approaches the later years of elementary school, she or he moves away from learning basic math toward a deeper understanding of academics. Here are some samples of fourth-grade mathematics standards, useful questions to ask your son or daughter’s teacher, and strategies for helping him or her learn at home.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  1. Use an understanding of place value to compare multi-digit numbers that use decimals to find greater, lesser and equal numbers.
  2. Divide four-digit numbers by one-digit numbers; work with remainders.
    1583 ÷ 3= 527.6666 = 527.67
  3. Solve word problems by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, including measurements and remainders.

Number and Operations in Base Ten

  1. Add and subtract within 1,000,000 quickly and accurately.
    248,961 + 360,842 = 609,803

Number and Operations: Fractions

  1. Multiply, add and subtract fractions with common denominators.
  2. Solve problems that require fractions to be broken down to common denominators.

Measurements and Data

  1. Do word problems involving measurement of time, weight and distance.


  1. Identify various types of lines, including right angles, parallel and segments; use these classifications to categorize two-dimensional shapes like trapezoids and rectangles.
  2. Solve problems that involve area and perimeter.
    Q: Find the perimeter of the hexagon.
    A: In a hexagon, all sides are the same length, so each side is 8 inches long. The perimeter of the hexagon is 6 sides × 8 in. = 48 in.
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