Kindergarten English Language Arts (ELA) Standards

sight-wordsYour child will master the building blocks of reading and writing, learning the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter through a combination of instruction and play. Here are a few examples of what your child will learn and practice throughout the year, questions to ask his or her teachers and tips for reinforcing academic skills at home.

Reading Literature and Informational Text

  • Retell familiar stories, including details; identify characters and settings.
  • Sight-read short common words like “a,” “the,” “and” and “to.”
  • Read kindergarten-level books with understanding.
  • Gain information from a book’s cover art, photos and illustrations.


  • Recognize and print capital and lowercase letters.
  • Spell words like they sound.
  • Tell a story, explain an idea or express an opinion using a combination of drawing, writing and speaking.
  • Use a capital letter in the first word of a sentence and a punctuation mark at the end.

Speaking and Listening

  • After a story or informational text is read aloud, be able to ask and answer questions about important details.
  • Understand and use questions like “who, what, when, where, why and how” during class discussions.
  • Match letters to sounds.
  • Express thoughts and feelings clearly and use details to describe people, places and things.


  • Learn new words and apply them to existing knowledge; for example, understanding that a swan is a bird.
  • Learn about words and their opposites; for example, inside/outside, up/down, on/off.
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